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Technical tools and features of the TradingView visualization app

The market analysis section on TradingView includes many tools and features for analyzing price charts. Let's list just a few types of features of the portal:

Indicators: TradingView offers a wide range of technical indicators, including moving averages, stochastic oscillator, relative strength index (RSI) and many others.
Drawings: Investors can create and use various drawings on charts, such as trend lines, horizontal and vertical lines, as well as Gartley figures and so on.
Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: TradingView provides the ability to use Elliott Wave technical analysis to predict future price movements.
Technical Analysis Based on Trading Volume: TradingView also allows investors to use technical analysis based on trading volume to identify trading opportunities.
For example, you can create a chart of the price of a trading asset, select a timeframe (from seconds to months), add indicators, markdowns, and so on to the chart. Once the chart is created, you can work with it. Or you can monitor changes in dynamics.

Depending on the subscription level, you will have access to a variety of indicators. In the basic, free set, there are dozens of them. In senior subscriptions, the count goes into the hundreds. From simple moving averages to very sophisticated or rare indicators that show, for example, lateral volumes (horizontal volumes for a period).

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The financial statements of companies are an important aspect of investing in stocks. According to the authors of the Invest Tonic blog, this is one of the key issues in selecting stocks for a portfolio. Financial statements allow investors to get information about the financial position of companies, their profits, revenues, debts and other indicators. TradingView provides investors with access to company reporting data on its platform. This includes income statements, statements of financial position, cash flow statements and others. The portal collects this data from a variety of sources, including purchasing data and transforms it into a user-friendly interface.

TradingView allows investors to analyze company reporting data using a variety of tools and features. For example, investors can build charts and graphs to better understand data trends and dynamics. They can also compare company reporting data to other companies in the industry or to market averages.

TradingView app charts and graphs

The basic feature of the TradingView portal is the creation of charts. You can create any chart of absolutely any instrument. Quotes on basic assets and exchanges are provided free of charge. You will have to pay extra for unique instruments and quotation streams of specific industry exchanges. Nevertheless, even the basic data included in the free package is enough for a novice investor to study assets and select them for a portfolio.
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